Small Business

I have seen many new programs out there that are designed to get leads from the internet. The idea is to get in the top 6 spots on page one of Google.  There is a market for Google local that is creating new avenues for local small business to be seen and receive calls.  Many small businesses cannot survive the first year and generally fail because they do not get enough people that are interested visiting their business.

Where we used to consider running ads in the News paper or Penny Saver or run a commercial on television, now we are talking about lead traffic via the internet. If I can increase the number of times my phone rings based on strategic partnerships with proven lead generation companies, then I could look at several  business simultaneously without necessarily having to invest in brick and mortar businesses.

That would allow me to many different things.  I have a property with in or around a thousand trees.  I had a stump removal company come out and worked out a deal where he removed a ton of stumps.  i thought about what a cash cow that could be if I could create traffic.  Of course I would need to make an investment in the grinder, a pickup tuck and a trailer.  that is not a small investment.  But if I was getting 40 leads a month for a lead source and closed 25 of them.  Say the average ticket was $350, then I hired someone to do the work.  The revenue for the month would be $8,750. Lets say hardware expense is $1,000 per month.  Lets pay the labor $4,000.  That leaves $3,750 per month for six months of the year.

What could I do with the truck that I already have over the winter months.  What about snow removal?  The point is, that the game has changed and we have opportunities to increase sales like never before.  So the basics are still looking at ideas where you can farm out the work. It is your idea, your sales and administration, but the actual doing will be done by others.  I know I have many friends that work at the city mission.  I believe I could provide jobs for folks down on their luck as long as I had responsible supervisors.  That would make a tremendous impact in hiring those that need work and I could be a part of many businesses.  The key will be to see what work I can do and then where I can partner to have the greatest impact.

I even thought about selling solar panels.  that is a funny statement with all of the calls we get every day from someone wanting to sell us a solar solution.  I would imagine their is some success that has to be happening or we would not continue to get these call.  But what happens to the person that is interested, but not at the moment a cold caller places the call to your home.  The get on the internet and type in solar and the city you are in and get names to choose from. What if your name was one of the top three on Google local.  Well then you would get a ton of calls.

Their really is no limitation to what we can do in this country leveraging the internet.  We can buy and sell just about anything.  The key is to pick a path and then to just grind it out and refuse to fail.