Create the right mindset for to Retire Early

I was looking at a TEDxUF with Kristeen Hadeed titled How to Retire by 20. It was interesting to listen to becuase it explained how she was brought up.  Kristeen asserts that the more curious you are then the more creative you will be.  Creativity is merely taking what you have learned about different things and putting them together.  Being able to connect some unusual dots.  So being curious is the foundation step to creative thought.

Like a child absorbs data from new people, new experience, new places so can we.  The collective of what we know is the tool box if you will.  What you read or maybe someone you have a conversation with will spark the connection of a couple of unconnected recalls that seem to fit together in a very interesting way.  Seeing that possibility and seeing the big picture can provide the passion to see it through to fruition.

Kristeen owned a cleaning service and her passion was helping people.  Anybody fighting cancer got their house cleaned for free.  That stemmed from the first time that she was emotionally moved by something she had done as a fifteen year old.  That is when she had a teacher battling cancer and they stated a pink shirt initiative at the school to rally support for their teacher.  Soon that spread to the community at large.  the teacher beat cancer and credited that support for her recovery. The emotional passion that is what drives her today.

So the take away is be curious. Read more, speak with more people, go more places and just explore and the connections will come to you.  Be inspired by things that make a difference and make it part of your very fabric and go change the world.

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